Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If you could invent something to help mankind, what would it be?

I would invent the universal vaccine for colds/flus. Because I've been sick lately and I don't like it. I want something that will make me better with just one pill so that I don't feel so yucky and stuff.

Friday, April 29, 2011

If you could change 3 things about yourself what would it be?

imma redo this one later. XD

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If I could create any pizza what would it be and why?

Mina sings as she dances around the kitchen making her pizza dough.
She smiles as she rolls it out and spreads out the yummeh tomato sauce on the dough.
Then Mina pours a bunch of pepper jack cheese all over the sauce spreading it out evenlly.
After she does so she then pours a bunch of sausage, pepperoni, and flakes of red pepper all over the top.
Mina then pours even more cheese on top adding Cheddar cheese this time.
After that she puts it in the over and cooks it.
Mina takes it out let's it cool for a little while before she cuts it and eats it with all her friends.
The end!

Friday, April 15, 2011

What would be your ideal job when you grow up?

Mina looks around her bedroom as she digs into her costume trunk.
She smiles as she pulls some stuff out and plops it onto the floor.
She puts on her costume clothes and closes her eyes and when she opens them again she looks around and sees a beautiful office.
Mina moves around in her bigger than her feet heels that she borrowed from her mom's closet as well as her mom's long pencil skirt and dress shirt over top of Mina's normal clothes.
Mina keeps pretending she's in a beautiful office full of office things.
She smiles as she pretends to hold a meeting for discussing business plans for their company.
Mina is of course the very big owner of the company. The company being a tv company.
ANDDD the tv company of FOOD NETWORK!
Yup Mina owns food network she does she does.
Mina moved from being a chef all the wa up to owning Food Network.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What does your summer usually consist of?

Mina sighs as she looks around the yard. She wasn't sure what to do yet. She took her stuffer elephant and started twirlling around the yard in circles with it giggling.
Mina smiled as she plopped down on the ground giggling as she was a bit dizzy. She then started skipping through the flowers picking some flowers up and singing a silly tune.
She then thought it would be a good idea to climb that big tree in the yard. She climbed up slowly with her elephant's stuffed trunk folded into her pants hoping he didn't fall.
Once she got to the top she pulled her elephant out and sat on a tree branch looking out into the yard.
This is what she always did during summer and every time she had free time. She always had fun outside playing and laughing.
The end!

Monday, April 11, 2011

What is my favorite animal?

Mina sighed softly as she dragged her stuffed animal across the school floor as she walks down the hallway.
Looking around her she had the trunk of the animal in her hand sadly.
She kept walking till she go to an empty room with her name on  the door.
She opened the door and looked inside. Her furniture was all there already.
She looked sadly at the floor as she waddled to her bed with her stuffed animal climbing up on it and sitting sadly.
She cuddled her animal close, "Oh Willy... Without you I'd be very sads.." Mina said as she hugged her stuffed elephant.
Elephants always remember stuff. She knew Willy would never throw her away and always remember her like she would him.
The End.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Write about a cherished childhood memory.

Mina started skipping around the farm as she smiled. Her momma and daddy joined her. Skipping around and having fun!
Mina smiled big as her momma and daddy took her behind the barn as she squealed loud when she saw the pretty shiny new playground set!
Mina smiled and started playing on the equipment as her parents watched smiling happily.
Then her parents introduced her to her new big brother.
He made her very happy because he was super nice.
He was very fun and Mina couldn't be happier :]
The end!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why do you like (or not like) animals?

Mina yawns as she wakes up rubbing her eyes she looks around at where she fell asleep and it looks like a big farm!
Her eyes got real big as she looked around. There was lots of horses and kitties and doggies all around.
At first Mina was scared cuz she didn't know where she was till she saw the bigggg sign that said "Edge Family Ranch" so she wasn't scared anymore.
She smiled as she got up and skipped around the farm. Petting all the horses and kitties and doggies all around.
Mina loves animals! They make her smile a whole lot and want to dance around in circles.
Mina's dog buddy finally woke up from his sleep and started running around with her.
He's a big black lab and loves to run! Mina smiled big and laughed loud while she ran around with her dog.
She sure did love him and all the other animals.
The end :]

What would you do if you were invisible for a day? Monday Blog!

Mina looks around as she's invisible walking around her room.
Mina starts to play with her toys and looks around the room.
She wanders over to the mirror and stares smiling cuz she can't see herself!
She smiles as she waddles through the house and down to the kitchen where she sees her momma.
Her momma can't see her so she sneaks over to the fridge and steals a strawberry.
Her momma notices that the fridge opens and shuts while a strawberry floating in air and she screams super loud!
Oh noes! Mina thought. Her momma ran very far away from the floating strawberry.
Mina then went over to her momma and started talking. Her momma was scared at first but when she heard Mina's voice she became real sads.
She missed being able to see Mina's big fluff of hair and big smile.
This made Mina so said that she didn't wanna be invisible no mores.
So then as if by some magic Mina stopped being invisibles YAYYYYY!
the ends :]

Friday, April 1, 2011

Who is my best friend and why and what do I like to do with them?

I have lots of best friends.
My first best friend is Panda and him and I have been friends forever so that makes him my best friend and me and him like to play pretend and play other games and be silly.
My other best friend is Holly. He's really nice and fun and he's my best friend because I've known him forever. Me and him just talk and hang out together.
Another one of my best friend is my momma and daddy.
They're my best friends because I love them and care about them and tell them everything. We like to spend time together and do fun stuff and hug and snuggles and all that stuffs! They are awesome sauce!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If you could have 2 famous people over for the day, who would it be and what would you do with them?

I would pick Shell Silversten because he's one of my very favorite poetry authors and he's the one that made me wanna start writing. So I'd probably ask him for lots and lots of thoughts of how he started and what I can do to be a great writer too.
Then I would also have my favorite band of all time which is HIM because I love rock music. I would ask them how they all started and what inspires them and stuff like that. It would be fun to be able to jam out with them in their own type of element and stuffs.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Should there be a dress code in places such as school, restaurants, and places of business? Why or why not?

I think there should be a dress code in some restaurants and places of business for their employees.
I do not think that in schools there should be because everyone should be an individual. I understand that everyone should be one even in the workplace and stuff but it's easier when you do things at work as a team and when you are a team you should have a uniform.
It's difficult for some people to want to do uniforms because they don't like them but even if you don't like them it's important sometimes.
I don't think that our school should have uniforms because that's what everyone does.
I think it's more fun to be different than it is to fit in.
Being different helps us express who we are and who we want to be when we grow up.
It's more fun that way!

Monday, March 7, 2011

One Animal we saw in Africa!

Okay so the journal we are suppose to do is write about one animal we saw on our field trip to AFRICA!
Going to Africa was so much fun! I was in a group with Duckie, Susan, and Duckie's dad Disi.
They are all really fun people.
We saw lots of animals and some awesome things too like a waterfall!
The one animal I wanna write about though is the ELEPHANT!
I love elephants they are one of my favorite animals in the whole world!
They have big long noses called trunks that they use for smelling and drinking water and picking stuff up with.
Mr. Disi said it would be a bad idea if we tried to drink water with our noses though.
Elephants are known for playing in the mud too when it's hot because the mud helps cool down their skin.
Elephants only eat plants and not animals. Circus elephants love peanuts! :D
Overall it was the best day ever! I even made a new friend :]

Friday, March 4, 2011

If I could give any gift in the world what would I give and to whom?

I would give food to all the homeless/needy people in the world.
The reason I would do this is because I don't think it's fair that those people have to go hungry.
Everyone should have food in their bellies or on their plates or in their hands.
It's not nice or fair to them and I want everyone to be able to not be hungry anymore.
I don't want people to go hungry in the world it's not very good for the earth.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

If I could design a type of ice cream what would be in it & what would I call it?

I would design an ice cream called Mossy Mudd.
The reason it would be called this is because it would have chunks of fudge and swirls of fudge in green colored ice cream.
But the green colored ice cream wouldn't just be vanilla flavored, oh no it wouldn't!
It would be the green dyed color but it would be the flavor of cake and have little greenish cake pieces in it too!
Cake and ice cream go amazingly together and this would be the only junk food I would ever eat!
But it wouldn't be complete without extra hot fudge on top after you get the ice cream in your bowl.
Nahm nahm nahm!

Monday, February 28, 2011

What is my favorite sim in SL? Why? How did I first discover this sim?

Our journal topic today is about our most favorite sim!
Well it would be obvious if I picked my momma and daddy's sim.
So I'm not gonna pick that one! I'm gonna pick me and my friends' sim!
It's one of my favorite places to be if I'm not at home or at school or shopping.
I found it by hanging out with my friends one day and they said "We wanna get a sim!" so I said "Okay!" and I went with them to find a sim.
They bought a sim and they let me own it partly too!
It's my favorite sim because it's run by me and my friends and without them I'd be bored.
Here's some pictures of our sim. :]

Now you might be able to see why this sim is my favorite. :]
It's always pretty there.

Friday, February 25, 2011

What would you do if you say little bugs in your salad?

Wells what i would do is I would eat teh salad AND the bugs.
I like eating bugs if I'm hungry.
Sometimes they are tastey and are really good with barbeque sauce!
So I don't think I'd mind.
Salad is yummy so if you add bugs with ranch dressing that could be a yummy salad.
Especially if you likes try and eat the bugs while they still moving. Then you get excersies while ya eating.
It's like double good for ya. I don't see why anyone wouldn't want to eat bugs in their salad!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What is something that really bugs me?

Well something that really annoys me is p[people that judge others by what they look like.
I can not stand it at all.
People will judge ya on what ya look like right away or who ya hang out with right away and it just bugs me so much.
It's not fair to that person that they are being judged by their looks and not by who they are inside.
Because there are some beautiful peoples out there and it's not fair that people are judged on that.
I feel that it's not right to judge someone on the clothes they wear instead of judge by what's in their heart.
It's just not fair at all and I think anyone that judges others on what they look like is not a nice person at all!

Monday, February 21, 2011

What is my favorite time of the day?

My favorite time of the day is when I'm sleeping.
It's hard to tell when exactly time of day that is because I stay up really late and I don't go to sleep till likes really early in the morning.
So I guess my favorite time of day is in the morning/afternoon while I'm sleeping.
I like sleeping. Sleeping helps me rest so that I can be crazy and play in the mud and go swimming!
I love playing outside but sleeping helps me be able to so sleeping is my favorite time of day.

Friday, February 18, 2011

If I could give you one piece of advice it would be....

It would be to not judge anyone by how they look.
Because I think in this world everyone judges everyone by first impressions which does include looks and I don't think that's fair.
Everyone likes to dress how they fit to their personality. But how their appearance looks isn't their fault and not something they can easily change like magic. So judging how someone looks by their facial features or if they are big or small or little or tall.
Everyone should be equal because equal is good and not mean.
This is my journal entry for Miss Nevy's class and I think it was a very fun entry today.
*waves and stops writing*

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My first blog

Well uhh.. I got this blog cuz my teacher told me to. So yeah! YAYYY! Anyways. Bye I think o.o