Monday, February 28, 2011

What is my favorite sim in SL? Why? How did I first discover this sim?

Our journal topic today is about our most favorite sim!
Well it would be obvious if I picked my momma and daddy's sim.
So I'm not gonna pick that one! I'm gonna pick me and my friends' sim!
It's one of my favorite places to be if I'm not at home or at school or shopping.
I found it by hanging out with my friends one day and they said "We wanna get a sim!" so I said "Okay!" and I went with them to find a sim.
They bought a sim and they let me own it partly too!
It's my favorite sim because it's run by me and my friends and without them I'd be bored.
Here's some pictures of our sim. :]

Now you might be able to see why this sim is my favorite. :]
It's always pretty there.


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