Monday, March 7, 2011

One Animal we saw in Africa!

Okay so the journal we are suppose to do is write about one animal we saw on our field trip to AFRICA!
Going to Africa was so much fun! I was in a group with Duckie, Susan, and Duckie's dad Disi.
They are all really fun people.
We saw lots of animals and some awesome things too like a waterfall!
The one animal I wanna write about though is the ELEPHANT!
I love elephants they are one of my favorite animals in the whole world!
They have big long noses called trunks that they use for smelling and drinking water and picking stuff up with.
Mr. Disi said it would be a bad idea if we tried to drink water with our noses though.
Elephants are known for playing in the mud too when it's hot because the mud helps cool down their skin.
Elephants only eat plants and not animals. Circus elephants love peanuts! :D
Overall it was the best day ever! I even made a new friend :]


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