Friday, April 15, 2011

What would be your ideal job when you grow up?

Mina looks around her bedroom as she digs into her costume trunk.
She smiles as she pulls some stuff out and plops it onto the floor.
She puts on her costume clothes and closes her eyes and when she opens them again she looks around and sees a beautiful office.
Mina moves around in her bigger than her feet heels that she borrowed from her mom's closet as well as her mom's long pencil skirt and dress shirt over top of Mina's normal clothes.
Mina keeps pretending she's in a beautiful office full of office things.
She smiles as she pretends to hold a meeting for discussing business plans for their company.
Mina is of course the very big owner of the company. The company being a tv company.
ANDDD the tv company of FOOD NETWORK!
Yup Mina owns food network she does she does.
Mina moved from being a chef all the wa up to owning Food Network.


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