Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why do you like (or not like) animals?

Mina yawns as she wakes up rubbing her eyes she looks around at where she fell asleep and it looks like a big farm!
Her eyes got real big as she looked around. There was lots of horses and kitties and doggies all around.
At first Mina was scared cuz she didn't know where she was till she saw the bigggg sign that said "Edge Family Ranch" so she wasn't scared anymore.
She smiled as she got up and skipped around the farm. Petting all the horses and kitties and doggies all around.
Mina loves animals! They make her smile a whole lot and want to dance around in circles.
Mina's dog buddy finally woke up from his sleep and started running around with her.
He's a big black lab and loves to run! Mina smiled big and laughed loud while she ran around with her dog.
She sure did love him and all the other animals.
The end :]


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