Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What would you do if you were invisible for a day? Monday Blog!

Mina looks around as she's invisible walking around her room.
Mina starts to play with her toys and looks around the room.
She wanders over to the mirror and stares smiling cuz she can't see herself!
She smiles as she waddles through the house and down to the kitchen where she sees her momma.
Her momma can't see her so she sneaks over to the fridge and steals a strawberry.
Her momma notices that the fridge opens and shuts while a strawberry floating in air and she screams super loud!
Oh noes! Mina thought. Her momma ran very far away from the floating strawberry.
Mina then went over to her momma and started talking. Her momma was scared at first but when she heard Mina's voice she became real sads.
She missed being able to see Mina's big fluff of hair and big smile.
This made Mina so said that she didn't wanna be invisible no mores.
So then as if by some magic Mina stopped being invisibles YAYYYYY!
the ends :]


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